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The Bedomatic adjustable beds frame represents a revolutionary new concept in electric adjustable beds design. Not only does the Bedomatic include all the features and benefits of traditional reclinable beds, its advanced construction outperforms the competition in three important ways:

  • The Bedomatic adjustable bed frame naturally slides rearward as the head of the mattress raises to the upright position, so your bedside table or reading lamp will always remain conveniently within reach. The Bedomatic is the only electrically reclinable bed on the market that accomplishes this wall hugging effect without additional motors or complex circuitry. It’s a standard feature of the all Bedomatic models including Queen adjustable bed frame and King adjustable bed frame.
  • The Bedomatic reclining bed is inherently safe. Electric motors raise the head and the foot of the mattress, while the lowering is accomplished entirely by gravity so that small children or pets can never be pinched or crushed by the mechanism.
  • The Bedomatic queen adjustable bed frame and king adjustable bed frame are equiped with two traction motores which they are installed in both side of the adjustable beds instead of being in center. This way they can handle more unbalace load ont the corner of the adjustable beds. For this reason the bedomatic adjustable beds last longer and operate smoother.

The exclusive design of the Bedomatic King adjustable bed and Queen adjustable bed uses two 12V DC motors for the head and two for the foot of the mattress to provide a smooth and perfectly balanced motion. The four-motor design is also available on the standard double adjustable bed and as an option on the twin adjustable bed. Please click here to learn more about the unique advantages of the Bedomatic ergomotion adjustable bed.

All Bedomatic products are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years. The Bedomatic latex adjustable bed with 100% pure latex mattress is warranted for a full 20 years. Quality, durability, and advanced features at the lowest prices in the industry. Please check out our exceptional values online or contact us for more information.


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